The standard Blackhawk Flight Foundation annual membership is $30 per year, payable annually, on the anniversay date of your membership application.  Membership  dues can be paid via our PayPal account on the application page.  All membership dues are tax deductible as a charitable donation.

Why Join Blackhawk Flight Foundation, Inc.?

  • for about $0.08 (cents) a day,…less than a dime,…approximately $2.40 per month,…less than most people spend on the average “Happy Meal”,…you can start a socially or financially disadvantaged American child on a road to success and the chance to achieve and live the American Dream.  You can be part of a growing movement to reverse this country’s slide into the hopeless abyss of anxiety and frustration caused by “too much of nothing,…”
  • be a part of history in the making.  Step up and get involved in truly making a difference in the direction tha our country and it’s culture is heading.  Quit being the “Monday Morning Quarterback” who sits on the sidelines ande tells everybody else how to do it better.
  • the Blackhawk Flight Foundation is destined to be a high-profile, high-visibility, internatinally-known & internationally acclaimed public charitable foundation.  The attainment of it’s mission, goals, and vision is going to have lasting positive effects on our country, it’s citizens, and an important economic cornerstone of our society, the aviation and aeronautical sciences industry.  Participation in our mission is going to be fun,…it’s going to be exciting,…and it’s going to be incredibly rewarding, both on a professional and personal level.

What your contributions will be used for,…

  • provide scholarships for a professional degree in one of the aeronautical sciences fields.
  • provide financial support and personnel assistance to our student candidate partnership functions & relative missions (BPA, JROTC, CAP, EAA, charter high schools that are oriented toward GT, high-tech, and promote aviation technology.)
  • counsel socially or financially disadvantaged Americans on education and career path develpment.
  • fund the operational activities of the foundation, as well as fund the on-going fundraising activities necessary to support the foundation’s mission and goals.
  • presentatioin equipment and materials (laptop computer, projector, screen, brochures, and other publicshed materials).
  • office equipment necessary to support the operational activities of the foundation.
  • website development and maintenance.
  • travel expenses (to VFW, American Legion, and other social / civic activity group meetings) to make the presentations for the foundation in order to support our mssioin, achieve our goals, grow the membership and acquire funding for capital projects).
  • attendance to trade shows, trade show booth, display materials, & all other relative expenses.
  • publication subscriptions & association dues.
  • Blackhawk Flight Foundation personnel training and education.
  • develop & support student candidate apprenticeship programs (earn-while-you-learn).
  • develp career placement services for university graduates with major, well-established professional aviation companies & aviation departments within large corporations.